From playing many instruments as a youngster my creative output shifted to marketing during my bachelor years of Food & Business. I got exposed to people like Simon Sinek, Jos Burgers, Tai Lopez, Seth Godin and the hundreds of London Real guests on the YouTube academy. So many knowledge, inspiration and ideas followed as I permanently switched to YouTube and said goodbye to television. That became the years where I rapidly developed myself.

During my study I started freelancing and became a partner of SEPH VISUALS. The owner (Niels Joseph) helped me setting up injured dUmbass, my alter ego. Wanting to give something back I came to business meetings with Niels and shared my ideas and vision to his clients. Getting confidence and energy of people liking and receiving value from my ideas I became a creative consultant. With that said I became valuable partner when it came to branding, marketing strategy & concepting.


During that partnership I learned more about filmmaking, photography, standing in front of the camera and speech techniques. Everybody who becomes friends with Niels buys a camera, so did I. I started shooting pictures and learning again on my favourite platform, YouTube.

I got inspired by people like Peter McKinnon, Alan Palender, JR Alli, Donal James Boyd and all the other phenomenal light hero’s. I am glad that I am able to compose and translate my thoughts with light.

  • Video
  • Photo
  • Music


Next to photo and film I learned to produce my own music with instruments and voice. That combined with photo and film makes me a diverse content creator. Those skills are accompanied with a personal story. 7 years ago I snapped back my knee during football practice. As a result I could no longer practice sports like football, tennis & martial arts. Over the years I saw to much physiotherapists, had knee surgery, a visit to the chiropractor, a podiatrist but nothing helped. I became obsessed finding my own solutions on Google and my beloved YouTube. Unfortunately I was not able to find them and became depressed. Wondering in a black whole for a decent amount of time I luckily met a man.

This man named Gerben Hierck is a practitioner of something completely unknown. With his knowledge he helped my knee with something that nobody else was capable of. His form of therapy did not solve it all but gave me hope again. I had learned that the established medical world would not help me and I declared myself an injured dUmbass.

With my alter ego I try to find the tools that resolve my injuries, they can be very unusual.

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